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The Confusing World of Manipulation

Manipulators operate in a cloud of confusion.  We can feel confused for one of several reasons:   There is often a disturbing discrepancy between the public image the manipulator portrays and who he actually is in private. Attributes, which may be positives in public, are the same ones that have such a negative effect privately.  […]

Quoting Facts While Telling Lies

“The most effective lies,” I read recently, “are the ones containing the most actual truths.”  Manipulators lie but the lies they propagate are often constructed using nothing but facts as building materials. True story.  One time, I went downtown and a man with a mask knocked me out, slit my throat and took my money.  […]


There’s a wonderful movie made in 1944 by the name of “Gaslight”. A young woman played by Ingrid Bergman is a newlywed and moves into the house of her murdered Aunt with her new husband, Charles Boyer.  The husband is kind, charming, and generous.  But this pleasant exterior is merely the mask worn by a […]