Entries by Alan Godwin

July 26, 2019

Dear Drama Observers, This past week, we celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing which happened just before my senior year in high school. At that time, I was smitten… I wanted to be an astronaut so badly. I read everything I could get my hands on about astronauts and the space […]

July 19, 2019

Dear Drama Observers, Some weeks, the subject about which I want to write is crystal clear to me. Through listening to drama tales in my office or watching dramas play themselves out in our culture, an idea floats to the surface of my brain which then makes its way down my arms, through my fingertips, […]

July 12, 2019

Dear Drama Observers, A few weeks ago, I was invited to talk about my book, How to Solve Your People Problems, on a podcast called Talk of Change. Here’s a quick description of the show: The Talk Of Change podcast is a show designed to inspire and deepen your life and leadership both at home […]

July 5, 2019

Dear Drama Observers, A few years ago in Manhattan, I was conducting a seminar on manipulators. That particular trip coincided with my wedding anniversary, so my wife flew up to meet me, and we spent a couple of days doing the NYC tourist thing. As a very nice gesture, our kids bought us tickets to […]

June 28, 2019

Dear Drama Observers, Many of us have family traditions and we certainly have ours. Every Thanksgiving night, we watch Home Alone, I suppose as a way to officially usher in the Christmas season. Every Christmas Day, we watch It’s a Wonderful Life because, well, that’s just what you do on Christmas. And every Fourth of […]

June 21, 2019

Dear Drama Observers, I had actually planned to skip this week’s Drama Review as my wife and I are at the beach for a few days of relaxation. But on the way here, we had a drama encounter I’d like to tell you about. We stopped in Montgomery, Alabama to visit the Legacy Museum, a […]

June 14, 2019

Dear Drama Observers, A theme upon which I plan to expound in my upcoming book has to do with the collective participation in dramas. We’ve all gotten sucked into the dramas of individual Drama People, but there’s also such a thing as group participation. Recently deceased theologian, Eugene Peterson, once observed: Classically, there are three […]

June 7, 2019

Dear Drama Observers, Every now and then, a theme emerges to the stories being told in my office. This past week, the leitmotif of my client drama tales would be revealed in the following sequence: Act 1: Drama Person says or does something offensive. Act 2: Drama Victim expresses displeasure. Act 3: Drama Person utters […]

May 31, 2019

Dear Drama Observers, Drama People are called many things. Most of these terms aren’t nice and some you’d be careful not to say in the presence of children. Although it’s not a cover-your-child’s-ears term, one such descriptor is “shifty.” Let me explain… As I often say, Drama People lack what’s needed to make relationships function […]

May 24, 2019

Dear Drama Observers, So, what exactly is a narcissist, anyway? One of the best television examples of narcissism (in my humble opinion) is Michael Scott from The Office, who once explained: “Do I need to be liked? Absolutely not. I like to be liked. I enjoy being liked. I have to be liked. But it’s […]