Working it Out: A Marital Alternative to Bailing Out or Sticking it Out

We’re attracted to each other’s positives but we encounter each other’s negatives when we get in close.  In fact, the closer the contact, the more likely the problems become.  And when marital problems go unresolved, two alternatives emerge—bailing out or sticking it out.  For many couples, these seem to be the only alternatives.  This video course explains a third option—Working it Out.

In this exclusive series, we’ll look at:

  • The types of problems encountered in marital relationships
  • The trap we all fall into when problems arise
  • How to Work it Out and resolve your differences

Working It Out – Preview

This series includes:

Three video sessions of 30 minutes each for a total of 90 minutes of exclusive video content.  Each session is accompanied by a printable guidebook containing additional notes and questions for discussion. The 3 sessions are:

Video Session 1 – The Bad News + Guide

Video Session 2 – The Good News + Guide

Video Session 3 – The Big Picture + Guide

This resource is designed for use by couples, by groups, or even by individuals.  Ready to get started? Simply click below.