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    We all want to be close to others. But whenever we get close to people, we have problems with people. This happens in marriages, in families, at work, or even at church. In Dr. Godwin's groundbreaking book "How to Solve Your People Problems," he helps people address the inevitable problems that arise in close relationships. People Problems was developed with three central concepts in mind:

People problems are inevitable

– Closeness to people brings problems with people.

– We tend to handle problems poorly (bad conflict).

– Bad conflict hurts us.

Problem-solving methods are essential

– Reasonable people can solve problems (good conflict).

– Since it doesn’t come naturally, good conflict must be learned.

– Good conflict helps us.

Alternate methods may be needed

– Unreasonable people can’t or won’t solve problems.

– Therefore, alternatives to problem-solving are needed.

– Dealing well with unreasonable people helps us.

  People Problems Book

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